Project(s) Completed:

  • Irrigational Channel, RNR RSC, Tsirang - 1.100 M
  • Construction of Customer Service Centre, TT, Thimphu - 1.400 M;
  • Renovation of schools under Paro dzongkhags - Nu. 3.00 M;
  • Construction of Public Toilet near city bus parking, Thimphu - Nu. 0.750 M.
  • Ceiling works, DoT, MoEA, Thimphu - 0.065 M

Bidding farewell ...

Shakespeare's seven stages of life i.e. on experiencing different shoes sounds more relevant as I started my career as civil servant then as an entrepreneur and now, after three years as a contractor, entrepreneur and a self-employed; I am finally hoping to get back to "9 am to 5 pm" work. Thanks to the ongoing economic crisis that the world including Bhutan has been experiencing.

With greater sense of commitment, energy and maturity, I am prepared to open a new chapter. 

Fare thee well....

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